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May 20, 2021

Hackmakers: Part 2: Jim Grisanzio talks with Jason Lowe about his experiences participating at the Hackmakers World Innovation Day​ Hackathon in April 2021. Jason spoke about the people, skills, and software technologies that Oracle contributed to the event and some of history and upcoming hackathons as well. Developers and non-developers alike came together to work on projects to help support the people in need around the world -- and in the process they learned valuable new skills they can use in their careers. The experience was a continuum of learning for everyone.

Oracle and other organizations sponsored the event in collaboration with UNESCO and UNEP. The areas of focus for the projects included health, education, and work -- all based on the larger list of United Nations world development goals. 

Jason Lowe, Master Cloud Specialist Engineer, Oracle, @jlowe000

Podcast Host: Jim Grisanzio, Oracle Developer Relations