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Duke’s Corner is a forum for conversations with Java developers. Tune in to connect with the community and lean how developers are innovating with Java technology. Host: Jim Grisanzio, Oracle Java Developer Relations @jimgris

Feb 21, 2018

DevOps is a hot topic, but is that heat driving adoption? Are organizations on the adoption path making headway in the cultural and technological changes necessary for DevOps success? A panel of DevOps experts discusses these and other issues in this freewheeling conversation.

The Panelists
  • Nicole Forsgen, Founder and...

Feb 6, 2018

IT professionals Natalie Delemar (Senior Consultant at Ernst & Young, President, Board of Directors, ODTUG), Heli Helskyaho (CEO at Miracle Finland), Michelle Malcher (Security Architect at Extreme Scale Solutions), and Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman (Technical Intelligence Manager for the Office of CTO at Delphix,...