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Duke’s Corner is a forum for conversations with Java developers. Tune in to connect with the community and lean how developers are innovating with Java technology. Host: Jim Grisanzio, Oracle Java Developer Relations @jimgris

Dec 20, 2017

Blockchain originally gained attention thanks to its connection to Bitcoin. But blockchain has emerged from under the crypto-currency’s shadow to become a powerful trend in enterprise IT -- and something that should be on every developer's radar.  For this program we’ve assembled a panel of Blockchain experts to...

Nov 15, 2017

Forget the hype! Which technologies made a genuine difference in the work of software developers over the past year? For this podcast we gathered five highly respected developers in a tiny hotel room in San Francisco, tossed in a couple of microphones, and let the conversation happen.

The panelists for this podcast are...

Oct 18, 2017

The previous podcast featured a discussion of chatbot development with a panel of developers who were part of a program that provided early access to the Oracle Intelligent Bots platform available within the Mobile Cloud Service. In this podcast we continue the discussion of chatbot development with an entirely...

Sep 19, 2017

Chabot development comes with a unique set of requirements and considerations that may prove challenging to those making their first excursion into this new breed of services. This podcast features a panel of developers who have been there, done that, and are willing to talk about it.

Aug 15, 2017

Are Microservices and APIs Becoming SOA 2.0? Are monolithic applications an anti-pattern? Experts Chris Richardson, Luis Weir, Phil Wilkins, and Boris Scholl address these and other questions in this roundtable discussion.