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Duke’s Corner is a forum for conversations with Java developers. Tune in to connect with the community and lean how developers are innovating with Java technology. Host: Jim Grisanzio, Oracle Java Developer Relations @jimgris

Jul 30, 2021

Oracle Developer Live — Simplifying Modern App Dev
August 3 & 5 | Register Here

In this short preview I talk with Ophelia Hernandez about her upcoming DevOps session at Oracle Developer Live next week on automating continuous deployments to the cloud.

YouTube Video 

Continuous Deployments:...

Jul 28, 2021

A conversation with both MySQL community managers on the latest in the community and the technology

In this conversation I talk with both MySQL community managers, David Stokes from Texas and Frédéric Descamps from Belgium.

I met both of them in Brussels in February 2020 during the preFOSDEM 2020 MySQL Days. This is...

Jul 19, 2021

Here are some photos, stories, and lessons I've collected over the years building Open Source software development communities at Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and on my own. I like taking photos and I like talking to developers — it's how I learn. So in this comprehensive commentary I talk about pretty much everything...

Jul 16, 2021

From the Archives | February 2020, Honolulu Hawaii

Jim Grisanzio talks with Gerald Venzl from Oracle and Chris Thalinger from Twitter at UnVoxxed Hawaii 2020 about the un-conference format, the technical sessions, the mix of conference attendees, and some of the activities people took in during the three day event. 

Jul 12, 2021

Jim Grisanzio talks with Mia Urman, Oracle ACE Director and CEO of AuraPlayer, about her experiences at the recent ODTUG Kscope21 virtual conference and the upcoming OATUG's Ascend conference in Miami, Florida in August 2021. 

Mia Urman, Oracle ACE Director, CEO of AuraPlayer