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Jan 21, 2022

In this short episode Jim Grisanzio talks about his move to the Java Advocacy Team in Oracle's Java Platform Group and the coming changes in the podcast. A new name will be announced soon, and we'll be focusing on profiles of Java developers globally. The format will remain the same in terms of casual conversations one on one or in small groups.

Communities are about people. So, that's what we'll be talking about here with Java developers. Who's doing really cool work? Who's solving the toughest problems? Who's creating new opportunities? Who's new? Who's been around forever? Everyone has something to contribute. It'll be great fun. 

We've already engaged with the Java community in many previous episodes over the years, so we're looking forward to even more Java from here on in! 

See Jim's warm welcome on Twitter from Sharat Chander and the community.

More updates coming soon!