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Jul 30, 2021

Oracle Developer Live — Simplifying Modern App Dev
August 3 & 5 | Register Here

In this short preview I talk with Ophelia Hernandez about her upcoming DevOps session at Oracle Developer Live next week on automating continuous deployments to the cloud.

YouTube Video 

Continuous Deployments: Automating Software Releases to OCI Platforms: This session will introduce OCI’s new DevOps platform that enables developers to automate software deployments to OCI platforms. With OCI DevOps, you can accelerate feature delivery to customers and gain the confidence to quickly recover from errors.

Ophelia Hernandez
Director, Software Development, Cloud Native Services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Ophelia Hernandez is a director of software development at Oracle. A passionate engineering leader excited about the future of the cloud and DevOps, she enjoys solving difficult technical problems, mentoring, guiding career development, and team building. With more than 10 years of experience leading teams, Ophelia has built high performing global teams from scratch and is always looking for ways to become a better leader. Outside of work, she enjoys her four dogs, two cats, and one daughter and is an avid boxer, hiker, and world traveler.

Jonathan Schreiber
Senior Principal Product Manager, Cloud Native Services, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Jonathan Schreiber is a senior principal product manager for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), working to empower developers on Oracle Cloud. During his time at Oracle, he contributed to the team that launched Cloud Shell, and now he is excited to bring the OCI continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) platform to developers. Prior to Oracle, Jonathan spent 10 years working in engineering and product management roles for San Francisco startups. His experience spans from ad tech at Federated Media to content marketing platforms at Chute. He started his career in the twilight of the dotcom era at TiVo, making websites with toothpicks and string

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