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Duke’s Corner is a forum for conversations with Java developers. Tune in to connect with the community and lean how developers are innovating with Java technology. Host: Jim Grisanzio, Oracle Java Developer Relations @jimgris

Jul 19, 2021

Here are some photos, stories, and lessons I've collected over the years building Open Source software development communities at Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and on my own. I like taking photos and I like talking to developers — it's how I learn. So in this comprehensive commentary I talk about pretty much everything I've learned during the previous 15 years or so doing community development. Everything I've learned I still use today.

You can follow along with the photos below or view the video. I gave an earlier version of this talk at the All India Oracle User Group's (AIOUG) virtual OG Yatra in 2020, and I've talked about bits and pieces of the content in many other presentations. That's why I wanted to bring it all together into a single narrative centered around some specific images and stories. Hope it hangs together. 

Podcast Host: Jim Grisanzio, Oracle Developer Relations 








All India Oracle User Group OGYatra 2020 Slides


All India Oracle User Group OGYatra 2020 Video


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