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Duke’s Corner is a forum for conversations with Java developers. Tune in to connect with the community and lean how developers are innovating with Java technology. Host: Jim Grisanzio, Oracle Java Developer Relations @jimgris

May 2, 2024

Jim Grisanzio from Java Developer Relations talks with Bert Jan Schrijver from The Netherlands. Bert is a Java Champion, a leader of the Dutch Java User Group, and the CTO and co-founder of OpenValue that he started in 2017.

The conversation spans all of Bert's experiences as a software developer, including hacking and gaming as a six-year old, contributing to the computer lab fire in school, blowing out the family's phone bill with his first modem, getting an advanced CS education at university, engaging the Java community globally, and building his own software company. Bert also offers some interesting advice for how people can continue learning and growing and contributing to the community at Java events. He also details why Java is special and why developers embrace the technology: "Java is one of the only languages I know of that has been active and current for so long. And one of the keys is the marvel of engineering in the Java Virtual Machine."